Everything is in the seed…


Summerwell aims to build sustainable communities.

Summerwell’s sustainable communities are places where people aspire to live and work.
They are places with creative and meaningful opportunities where co-operation is nurtured,
where needs are met and challenges are fulfilling.                                                                                       Where well being is a priority.
Summerwell are places to enjoy and share.

We aim to provide members of the community the tools to achieve their optimal well being without compromising the ability of future generations to achieve their own.

Core to our pursuit of optimal well being is our commitment to encourage:
democratic organisational structures, ethical business models, efficient and affordable approaches, respect for the environment, and empathetic social relations among members of the community.

We will achieve our goals by focusing in the following areas:

• Locally grown food through pioneer urban farming systems,

• Creation of jobs and professional training,

• Parenthood and personal development services,

• Holistic education based on approaches such as Waldorf-Steiner,

• High quality, affordable and environmentally friendly homes integrated with renewable energy generation.

Visit our website at summerwell.org. We also invite you to check our regular sustainability news on Facebook and Twitter

In our blog we will post regular updates on our development. Please feel free to collaborate through commenting, and sharing our content. Also, if there is something that might be of interest please get in touch and we will post it. You can contact us on home@summerwell.org.

You can also follow our development by subscribing to our email list.

A Wheatfield, with Cypresses, V.Gogh

 To receive in gratitude.
To give inspired.
To live in harmony.

Summerwell, 2013


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